Dr. Mohammad Javad ZibaeeNezhad

Professor of Shiraz Unviersity of Medical sciences





I was born in 1 January 1960 , in  Shiraz Iran and all pre-school- School and high school graduation is Shiraz.

In 1978 I started medicine in Shiraz University, Shiraz Medical school, and Interny period in Nemazee and Shahid Faghihi hospitals.  In 1987 I graduated as general physician , and during these years I experienced working in medical war hospitals.

From 1988 I started residency in cardiovascular field in Shahid Rajaii hospital in Iran university and in 1992 I graduated as cardiologist and started working in University hospital, Shahid Rahnemoon in Yazd University.  This


hospital has facilities for echocardiography and exercise tests and also a 12 bed CCU and 36 bed post-CCU.  I performed angiography about 4-5 patients per week in Bagiatallah Hospital, Tehran.

From March 1994 I came to London and started observational Cardiology in Guy's Hospital.  During 6 months period in Guy's Hospital I observed different techniques in angioplasty, ablation, color and transesophageal echo as well as different researches.

From 1995 till now, I am working in Shiraz Medical University and during these periods, I was head of cardiovascular research center, and head of new Fatemeh Heart Center, and doing more than 10 angiography, angioplasty and permanent pacemaker implantation.

I establish cardiovascular Research Center in Shiraz Medical School in 1996.

Also I stablish Fatemeh Heart Center in 1997 as a center of medical treatment and CCU.

In 2003 I went for a 6 months period fellowship in interventional cardiology in Cuy's and St Thomas Hospital in London, England.

Now I am a member of working group in interventional cardiology of European society of cardiology, member of American Heart Association, (ANA) Member of American College of angiology (AFACA)

Year 2000: Promotion from Shiraz  Medical Universiyt as associated Professor.

I have presented more than 20 paper in different international conference in USA, England , France, Germany, Canada , Japan, Emerates, Turkey, India, and different conferences in Iran.

I also sponsored and supervision more than 30 theses in different stage (student-Residency-Fellowship) in Shiraz Medical school

Sponsore of more than 20 Research in Cardiovascular Research Center in Shiraz Medical University, some of them as:

Walnut consumption in hyperlipidemic patients

Walnut oil in hyperlipidemic patients

Omega 3 fatty acid in different kind of Fish in South of Iran

LAHB and coronary artery disease

Cardiovascular disease in pregnancy

CRP and coronary artery disease

Chlamydia pneumonia and coronary artery disease.

Relation between dental disease and coronary artery disease

pericardial effusion and pregnancy salts in different kind of bread in Shiraz.

Digoxin toxicity in Shirazian patients

Serum level of digoxin in Shiraz

Assessment of coronary risk factors in Shiraz Unviersity teachers

Assessment of MVP in athletic women

Anticoagulation therapy in patients with permanent pacemaker

Ramadan and Cardiovascular drugs


Overseas Sponsers:

  • Dr Noohi, Professor in Cardiology, Shahid Rajaii Cardiovascular Center.
  • Dr. Maleki, Assistant Professor in Cardiology, Shahid Rajaii Cardiovascular Center.
  • Dr. Handjani, Professor in Internal Medicine & Cardiology in Shiraz Univrsity


Sponsor in England:

  • Dr. Cliff Buchnall Director of Clinical Cardiology, Guy's & Thomas' Hospital Trust.
  • Dr. Joah colatart Research director , Cuy's & St Thomas Hosptial.
  • European Society of cardiology (Interventional group)



  1. Review of endoscopic data in Shahid Faghi Hospital Shiraz University (Hypothesis 1987)
  2. Study of 60 patient with cardiomyopathy (1992-Hypothesis for graduation)
  3. Study of 20 patient with peripartum Cardiomyopathy (Presented in 3rd Internist Conference, Mashhad 1992)
  4. Blood donors (presented n Medical Student Conference 1983)
  5. Exercise in Pregnancy (1995 in Persian)
  6. Cardiovascular disease in pregnancy (Texbook in Persian – 2th edition of this book is under publication)
  7. Cardiovascular drugs in pregnancy (1996)
  8. Primary cardiac lymphoma (Medical Journal of the Iranian Hospital Vol. 2, Number 2, Jan 2000)
  9. Antihypertriglyceridemic effect of walnut Oil (Angiology-volume 54 Number 4, 2003) the best
  10. Combination of aspirin and Warfarin, versus aspirin alone in post myocardial infarction (Angiology, Jan, 2004)
  11. Relation of chylamidia pnumoniae and coronary artery disease (under publication for Jan. 2005 in Angiology)
  12. Serum Level of therapeutic  and poisoning effect of digoxin (acceptance-drugs)
  13. Trans – esophageal echocardiographic finding in embolic CVA (Indian echo Journal-acceptance).
  14. Ramadan and cardiovascular drugs (JAIR volume 16 – Number
    24 – Feb 2003)
  15. Pericardial effusion in the third trimester of pregnancy (IJMS volume 23, June 1998)
  16. Prescribed Drugs for secondary prevention in post myocardial infarction patients in Shiraz (Iranian Heart Journal – Vol 4, Numb. 4 Winter 2003)
  17. Walnut consumption in Hyperlipidemic patients (galley proof for Angiology ready for publish)
  18. 2004: "Dr. ….. My Heart" (question and answers – Book under publication)
  19. Cardiovascualr drugs: Published in Nabs


Abstract of Papers Presented in Medical Conferences

  1. Blood donors: blood donor situation such as age, sex, weight height, indications and contraindications reviewed.
  2. 60 pt with dilated cardiomyopathy: In this study 60 pt with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy was reviewed in a retrospective study and compared with other studies.
  3. 20 pt with peripartum cardiomyopathy was reviewed in a retrospective study in 18 years duration and compared with other data in other studies.
  4. Endoscopic data in Faghihi Hospital Shiraz University was reviewed for 5 years duration and data were classified.
  5. Exercise in pregnancy: Presented in Exercise and medicine seminar in Yazd University.
  6. Pericardial effusion in normal pregnancy.
  7. Combination of Aspirin and Warfarin, versus aspirin alone in post myocardial infarction.
  8. Echo Cardiographic finding in embolic C.V.A.
  9. LAHB and CAD.
  10. Holter monitoring in detection of labile HPTN.
  11. Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and hypertension
  12. ACE inhibitors and cough.
  13. PFO and cryptogenic stroke
  14. Chlamydia pneumonia and coronary artery disease
  15. Serum level of digoxin in Shiraz
  16. CRP sand coronary artery disease
  17. Walnut consumption in hyperlipidemic patients
  18. ASA and Warfarin in secondary prevention of Myocardial infarction
  19. Time delay in Hospital admission of pts with myocardial infarction.




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